Tuesday October 04, 2022


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) & Water Market

 AMI Required On All Metered Wells

All wells required to have a flowmeter are also required to install AMI. AMI is an integrated system for communicating groundwater extractions and other information for improved irrigation efficiencies. AMI equipment must be maintained in operating condition and be capable of transmitting extraction data and alerts daily to FCGMA per Resolution 2018-1. Some attributes of AMI are:

  • Downloadable photos of the meter face appropriate for statement submittal if one has a camera style of Ranch Systems AMI equipment, or immediate status of the equipment utilizing the user dashboard of all pulse-based equipment.
  • Backup detection alerts for notification of leaks, AMI or flowmeters equipment failure, including failure due to vandalism/theft within 24 hours, often within 15 minutes.
  • Historical meter totalizer values available for review in the event of a meter malfunction.
  • Some providers plan to make available on the user dashboard a Water-Year-to-date total extractions, and available allocation remaining for quick reference.


AMI usually has an annual data transmission fee to the vendor. The extraction data is to be transmitted monthly to FCGMA, but detailed daily exraction data is only available on the user dashboard of the operator. Each owner/operator is responsible for ensuring that the extraction data is transmitted monthly, and it is recommended that approximately once per month, the flowmeter totalizer be compared to the AMI user dashboard for accuracy.


*Some Domestic wells will be exempt from the requirements to install AMI: Please see the "Ordinance to Exempt Domestic Operators from the Requirement that Flowmeters be Equipped with AMI Telemetry" link below.


The Water Market is an anonymous trade program, where participants who are compliant with all FCGMA regulation may choose to buy or sell available allocation from other participants within the same basin. The program is administered by California lutheran University.

The Water Market is currently limited to wells in the Oxnard and Forebay basins. Water Market Pilot participants must install AMI equipment on all extraction facilities reporting under the same CombCode.

Not all AMI providers are currently capable of supporting the Fox Canyon Water Market data notification requirement on behalf of pumpers interested in participating in the Water Market. At this time, only the following 4 venders have established support:

  • Ranch Systems
  • Wildeye (Outpost)
  • Pumpsight
  • Acuity Agriculture


For questions or more information, contact Dolores Conlin at (805) 658-4374 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important links:

  • Water Market & AMI Application: http://fcgma.org/forms/registration
  • Ranch Systems-https://www.ranchsystems.com/home/fcgma-project/
  • AMI Requirement Ordinance
  • AMI Technical Specifications Resolution 2018-01
  • AMI Update Form
  • Water Market Phase 2 Pilot Rules and Regulations
  • Water Market Phase 2 Participation Agreement
  • Water Market & AMI Workshop Presentation Slides - March 20, 2019
  • Water Market & AMI Workshop presentation slides
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Map of Pumping Trough and Seawater Intrusion
  • Ordinance to Exempt Domestic Operators from the Requirement that Flowmeters be Equipped with AMI Telemetry
  • Resolution 2019-01

     These Companies Responded to Fox Canyon's Request for Qualifications or Are Operating in the Fox Canyon Area

    • Acuity Agriculture
    • McCrometer
    • Outpost (Wildeye)
    • Pumpsight
    • Ranch Systems
    • XiO
    • Wiseconn


    *These companies expressed interest in providing AMI service to Fox Canyon and stated that they have equipment options that would be in compliance with the Fox Canyon requirements. The well Owner/Operator is responsible to confirm that the installed AMI product they purchase is in compliance with Resolution 2018-1 and the AMI Ordinance by ensuring that the installer or manufacturer submits a completed Manufacturer Compliance Certification to the Agency after installation.


     Water Market Workshop

    There was a Water Market Workshop for agricultural well owner and operators that explained how to join and make trades on the Water Market, and how to make the most of the Ranch Systems AMI and data portal provided through incentive funding by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. It was held March 20, 2019, 3:00 p.m. at the California Lutheran University Oxnard campus, 2201 Outlet Center Drive, Suite 600, Oxnard, CA 93036. To view the presentation slides please click here.