Sunday July 25, 2021

OPV Variance Review Committee

An OPV Variance Review Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors to review applications for variance from the OPV allocation ordinance seeking additional allocation related to change in crops, change in land use, or receipt of water from a water purveyor in accordance with Resolution No. 2020-03.


OPV Variance Review Committee

Member Representative  
Arnold Ranch, LLC Gary Arnold  
Pleasant Valley County Water District Jared Bouchard  
City of Oxnard Omar Castro  
Cloverdale Mutual & Rio Mnaor Mutual Water Companies Robert Eranio  
Duda Farms Greg Lewis  
City of Camarillo
Lucia McGovern
Pyramid Flowers, Inc
Fred Van Wingerden


Agendas & Minutes

Note: Committee meetings are not broadcasted. Audio recordings are used to develop minutes, and the minutes are made available when approved. Meeting handouts and documents for OPV Variance Review Committee to review should be considered as DRAFT items.

 April 6, 2021 Meeting

Guidance on Committee Charge and Procedures

Summary of OPV Variance Applications for Variance Review Committee


PALLETS - 01N21W05K01

YAM-2 - 01N21W09D03

NOCLUE - 02N21W07Q01 & 02N21W18B02

CISNROS - 02N21W18H13

 BERRYLND - 02N21W20M04 & M06

 Presentation Slides


May 6, 2021 Meeting


Draft Minutes


  May 17, 2021 Meeting


Draft Minutes - April 6, 2021

Draft Minutes - May 6, 2021

NOCLUE - 02N21W07Q01 & 02N21W18B02

CISNROS - 02N21W18H13

BERRYLND - 02N21W20M04 & 02N21W20M06

RBROS-RAC - 02N22W13L05


 June 14, 2021 Meeting


Draft Minutes

RBROS-RAC - 02N22W13L05

RBROS-RAC - 01N22W11C02

RBROS-RAC - 01N22W11B03

RBROS-RAC - 02N22W29N03

RBROS-RAC - 02N21W32C01